I am Markku Siira, blogger, columnist and political analyst from Finland.

In recent years, I have published over six hundred articles on geopolitics and international relations. I have focused on topics and perspectives that have received little attention in Finland.

I have written columns and opinion pieces for several Finnish and international alternative media outlets. My geopolitical analyses have also been published by the Chinese news agency Xinhua and the global television network CGTN.

My writings have so far been translated into English, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Dutch and Portuguese.

My blog posts published on the Blogger platform between 2018 and 2021 are archived on this website. I will also update these pages with new posts.

During the corona period, I have become even more critical of many things. Some of my views have changed. However, I will still look at international power structures and the capitalist economic system, and analyse the world politics from my own outsider’s perspective.

Contact by email: markkuesiira@gmail.com.